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Why do you love photography?

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, whether you are learning photography at the beginner or more experienced level, there is one thing that unites us all: the love of photography (oh it’s beautiful!). No kidding, once you put your finger in the gear of photography, it irremediably carries you away and becomes part of your daily life, consciously or not. But why love photography so much? It’s a question we don’t ask ourselves that often, because we prefer to remain absorbed by the practice of photography. But let’s stop for a while to philosophize by the fire (given the outside temperatures, we can sit down a bit and think about our practice of photography, right ?) about why we love photography.

Everyone has his or her own personal reasons for getting into this visual art and I’ll tell you why I love photography. Then it’s up to you to add your indispensable grain of salt in the comments to enrich the debate ;).

To love photography to immortalize important moments in our lives

This first reason is ultimately quite trivial. All the moments of our life are important, but we don’t often realize it in the moment and it is the fact of photographing, documenting our life and that of our loved ones that, years later, allows us to plunge back into periods that we may have forgotten because yes, we can say that we have a good cough memory, but it’s not true! Photography remains in my opinion the only valid (and shareable) memory ;).

What better than photography to freeze moments of our lives? I can hear video in the distance, but I am naturally more attracted by photography and its frozen moment, an image from which we can dissect all the details. This is a preference that I have also been able to use in sports photography. A video will not necessarily show you all the details, attitudes and important moments that you can immortalize during an action with your camera. It’s as if the camera sees into another dimension and allows us to capture things that we won’t see on a video!

Here in, our passion is to share with you our love for photography, all with the goal of exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Adil boubid has been a professional photographer since 10 years, he will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and remarks.

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Enjoy reading!

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Adil boubid