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7 ways to make creative baby photos at home


7 ways to make creative baby photos at home

    The arrival of a new member to the family is a historical fact worth documenting. We offer you 7 tips for making artistic photos of your baby, at home and worthy of a professional photographer.

Even if the attention a baby needs doesn’t allow you to spend too much time taking pictures, you’ll have plenty of time to make good use of your camera.

A picture is a memory you’ll always remember.

    Feel free to take pictures of your baby all the time. Even though all the pictures may look the same to you, you will discover over time and by reviewing old pictures what has changed in your child.

    Don’t forget to always have your camera handy. If you always have it close by, with the battery charged, you’ll be able to take many more pictures than if it’s neatly tucked away in a cabinet. Babies are always changing their expression, moving around, smiling…

    Don’t be afraid to take too many pictures, even if they all look the same. By taking a lot of pictures in a row, you’re more likely to capture a “special” expression. If you take just one picture, you may realize later, when you see it on your screen, that it is not as you had hoped.

If you want to save time and leave with an edge, spend a few minutes looking at other photographs.

There are some really impressive photos out there, so try to keep in mind the ones you like the most.

Get inspired by these pictures and new ideas will come up about the baby’s position, angles, points of view…

7 ways to make creative baby photos at home

Babies are small and fragile.

A special way to take pictures of them is to focus on a detail, such as a hand or a foot.

Give yourself the luxury of taking a lot of pictures and, once you’ve done a lot of classic shots, focus on details of her body.

You will be able to make very interesting photographs and even get compositions or collages with several shots.

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Try taking pictures of the baby next to a window.

If you are inside the house, photograph him in such a way that the light falls sideways on his face.

With portraits, lateral light is one of the most widely used resources because it reveals shapes and reliefs very well.

All you have to do is check that the light conditions are sufficient to take the pictures without the risk of blurring them.

Photograph it while being at its height

Unless you want to let your creativity run wild, keep up with your baby.

Photographing him or her at the same level as your baby and shooting from there will create a sense of closeness and intimacy between the viewer and the little subject.

Try black and white photos

Black and white baby photos are irresistible and full of tenderness.

If you don’t know how to process photos on your computer, you can set your camera to take black and white pictures.

However, if you know how to use Photoshop or any other photo editing program, you can compare the two results and decide what you like best.

Make sure he’s not cold

If you’re going to photograph him with little or no clothing, put yourself in his shoes. Don’t let him be cold, regulate the heat if necessary.

Make him feel comfortable, it will make him happy and you will get great pictures.

Avoid the flash at all costs

The flash will be your baby’s greatest enemy. It will scare him and make him cry all the time. Therefore, if you don’t want your photo session to fail irretrievably, turn off the flash.

Instead, try using natural light from the window.

Highlight the little protagonist

To give your baby the importance he deserves in the picture, a very effective technique would be to focus on him and not at all on the background, which will then become blurred.

What should you do with the photos you’ve taken?

After you’ve taken these beautiful photos of your baby, you have endless ideas about what to do with them.

These memories deserve a lot better than just sitting in a file on your computer, like a pile of pixels.

Here are some ideas:

  •     Make a collage.
  •     Edit them.
  •     Turn them into a puzzle.
  •     Decorate your house with some pictures.
  •     Personalize a mug.
  •     Make a scrapbook.
  •     Send them as postcards.
  •     Personalize a calendar.
  •     Print them.
  •     Set them as wallpaper on your tablet/computer/phone.
  •     Turn them into stickers.