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How to make your wedding photos perfectly successful?


How to make your wedding photos perfectly successful?

What’s better than photos to immortalize the perfect wedding! In this article, we’ll cover the basics, from poses to themes to color palettes, so you can create perfect memories of the most beautiful day of your life.

Theme or no theme?

For original wedding photos, why not choose a theme that represents your couple and your union? You can try a 1920s theme to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to the event, or a Disney theme to awaken the big kids in you (for the bride-to-be, it’s the perfect excuse to wear a princess dress!). Your guests will love to set the scene and you’ll get original wedding photos as well as memories that will forever remember this magical day when you’ve fulfilled all your wedding fantasies.

Who do you want in your wedding photos?

Knowing who you want in your wedding photos is essential. Depending on the number of guests attending the party, you will probably want to have pictures with :

  •     The bride and groom
  •     The close family
  •     Other family members
  •     The witnesses
  •     The bridesmaids and groomsmen…
  •     Close friends
  •     Colleagues

Of course, a photo with all the guests together is a must. It goes without saying that they must all appear on the wedding photos, so to your cameras, no exceptions!

Do you have to choose a colour?

From immaculate white to mimosa yellow, it’s important to choose the right colour palette for your wedding photos. Lighter tones are ideal for “instagrammable” weddings, but you can opt for a more neutral approach if you’re planning a simple ceremony. In the end, it’s your day, your preferences, your aesthetics: the wedding of your dreams.

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Which style to choose?

There are many options when it comes to ideas for your wedding photos. From fashion shooting to artistic photography, the style of your photos will represent your union and your couple. So you’d better make the right choice. One very interesting idea to explore is wedding photojournalism. This is a style of photography that allows the photographer to follow his or her instincts, capturing the moment, rather than having guests pose ceremoniously. Photographing the details of the day is a great way to capture the spirit of your wedding and have photos that will remind you of all those little moments.

What are the essential shots?

When it comes to wedding photos, there are certain shots that you absolutely must have. We have made a list to help you:

    Pictures of the bride getting ready…

    The mother of the bride helping her into her dress…

    The bride walking towards her future husband in the church…

    The future husband getting ready

    Husband-to-be seeing his bride for the first time…

    Pictures of the church outdoors

    A snapshot of the parents of both spouses together

    The “I do” moment.

    The you may now kiss the bride moment.

    The cake

    The first dance

    Throwing the bouquet

They are a bit clichéd but believe us, you won’t be disappointed to have taken them!

What to do with your wedding photos?

If you do a photo shoot before your wedding, these photos will be perfect for your invitations.  It’s a great way to personalize your invitations and make your guests feel like they’re part of an important moment in your life. Create them from a beautiful photo of your couple and turn a simple invitation into a memorable souvenir. And if you take pictures during your wedding, you can use them to create thank you cards to send to guests or even personalized Christmas cards.

We’ve managed to give you some great ideas for your wedding photos? Tell us about them in the comments below!