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Wedding photos: advice for the bride and groom


Wedding photos: advice for the bride and groom

You’ve planned your wedding down to the last detail? If you want your photos to reflect it, don’t miss out on these tips for successful couple photos and even the little details that make everything happen.

Preparing couple photos

The couple’s photo shoot is a must. It is traditionally done with a professional photographer, which doesn’t mean you won’t have to do anything.

If you want to take some original photos, let the photographer know and don’t hesitate to bring some accessories. A coloured ribbon tied to a tree, a balloon taking flight, chairs in the middle of a meadow or on a road… Few things are enough to create a quirky or dreamlike atmosphere.

If a few shots of your photo shoot involve sitting on the grass, don’t forget to bring a blanket and short towels to avoid unsightly stains on the wedding dress.

It is essential that the photo shoot takes place at golden hours, those hours close to sunrise or sunset. A warm and soft light should then flood your photos and give them a touch of poetry and romance.

Paying attention to details

There are things that only you know the importance of, like this bracelet given by your grandmother or this centerpiece made by your children. Don’t miss this opportunity to take pictures of them, if possible using only natural light.

 Garlands, balloons, tablecloths… Decoration is also important to immortalize, whether it is during its preparation or when it is put in place until the moment it is removed. It will also offer you an elegant way to highlight the chronology of your wedding in your future photo albums.

Make close-ups of your wedding rings, placed on a cushion or in a small setting, for example the rings surrounding a rose worn by a child’s hands.

Leave disposable cameras on the tables so that everyone can have fun taking pictures of each other and leave you with memories.

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Wedding photo ideas

The preparation of the bride and groom is one of the highlights of the wedding. You will be too busy getting ready to take your own photos, but nothing prevents you from asking for them. Here are a few moments that you should not miss:

During make-up, the play of reflections in the mirror offers great opportunities for original portraits.

Take out all your accessories, from shoes to jewellery. It’s an opportunity to get close-ups, but also to take pictures of moments on the spot by capturing the exchanges of the family or friends present with the bride and groom.

Your mother shooting your corset, your best friend tying your bow tie, smiles, tender gestures… You have to shoot these moments, alternating close-ups of one hand on one shoulder with larger frames to capture these scenes and make them unforgettable.

Wedding photo ideas

Posing during the wedding

On D-Day, you’re the stars! So behave like one:

Raise your head and avoid looking at your feet all the time, especially when you’re walking down the aisle.

Stand up straight and look the guests in the eye at the church or cocktail party.

Choose confetti or petals rather than rice as you leave the church, otherwise you’ll probably have your eyes closed for fear of catching a grain of rice in your eye in the pictures .

Dust off the group photo

Rather than a large photo where people are hard to see and appear to be frozen, opt for photos in small groups, e.g. all the friends, all the groomsmen, only the children, etc. Ideally, provide your photographer with a list of the groups to be photographed or have someone bring the groups together when the time comes.