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10 tips for photographing a baby


10 tips for photographing a baby



Are you a mother, aunt or godmother of a newborn baby? Immortalizing this little face is essential as babies change so quickly. Here are a few common sense tips to lend yourself to this exercise so that it turns into a pretty souvenir!

1/ Anticipate and prepare the session

A session only lasts a few minutes, but you have to be ready for the right moment. It requires baby to be in the best possible condition: full belly, rested (unless you want to take him in his sleep) and clean buttocks. Experience has shown that the morning is a better time than the evening.

2/ Prefer natural light

Pictures of newborns are very often taken indoors. Move closer to the windows to take advantage of the natural light. Beware of backlighting! Avoid the midday period in summer when the sun is vertical and hardens the shadows. The light in the morning or late afternoon is generally softer. If it is grey outside, the shadows will naturally be reduced and light management will be easier. This is the ideal time to try black and white.

3/ Warm up the atmosphere!

If you want to take naked baby pictures, then don’t hesitate to “overheat” the room for the session. A tropical atmosphere is allowed so that baby doesn’t get cold.

4/ Staging: favour simple ideas

Before you embark on poses worthy of the greatest, think about what you want to bring out. If you simply want to keep a memory, simplicity and sobriety will be your best allies. For colour, white will breathe innocence, for example. If you want to accessorize the session for an announcement for example, prepare well in advance, headband, hat, comforter and blanket.

Have fun with your baby!

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5/ Secure your baby

There’s no point in trying to pose in a hammock if you’re just starting out. Your baby’s safety is essential. Always make sure there’s no risk of your baby falling out. Some professional photos are not possible to make yourself because baby cannot hold the position alone. The pros retouch their pictures on specific software. Keep it simple.

6/ The different types of framing

If a tight frame on the face allows you to capture her expressions, this is not the only option. Don’t hesitate to take a step back to capture what’s going on around baby. This openness also helps to create an atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to take pictures of the baby’s loved ones holding him. Their expression is as interesting as the baby itself. You can also focus on his hands or feet, which are so tiny at birth. 

Frame the picture wider to capture the relationship between baby and those close to him.

7/ What equipment?

Any camera can do the job. If you use a reflex or hybrid, choose a fixed focal length of 50 mm. Your photos will have more relief. The sharpness must be on the eyes. If your baby moves, use the shutter speed mode.

8/ What about black and white?

Black and white, an option to try with baby.

Why not! Black and white brings an extra nostalgic touch to your photos. It can also erase some redness or make up for a too yellowish light!

9/ Move and vary the points of view

Turn around baby, vary your height, poses…

10/ Full of inspiration

Pinterest is a goldmine for finding ideas for poses or looking for naturalness. A special baby painting has been specially created for you. Check it out!